Editing a Question of a Live Survey


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I would just like to know if I can edit the text of a question of a live survey without effecting data that has already been collected. 


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andrewallen987381646 asked

    something to also think about – once you change a live survey, if needed you might want to go into the finished responses and you can resend them so the previous responses can be updated if needed. I have had to change live surveys before and as Justin said the previous responses are are there in the original form unless you edit them.

    Mary Mawhirter answered

      Hey Andrew –

      The question text can be altered without effecting the data. However, if you change anything about the answer options themselves, you will begin to skew the final data set. This includes answer option text, reporting values, and the question type itself. So, if you’re just changing the text of the question, you should be in the clear.

      Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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