How to edit a single response with “display logic” after submission ?


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I am using a survey as an “audit report” where I after submission of the survey need to edit the single response. Several of the questions I need to edit contain “display logic”, which means that if I rate the question (ie 2 out of 5) a set of sub-questions open up. 

Does anybody know how I can edit the question and get the sub-questions as well – because it does not respond with the logic.


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    You might try exporting the responses to CSV/Excel, editing in a spreadsheet program and then import the responses again matching by response ID.

    See the last section (Bulk Update Existing Answers) of this page:


    If the respondents haven’t taken the survey yet, there are some other tricks you could use with either the sgiud feature or the Save and Continue feature so that you could edit the surveys just as if you were the respondent.

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