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I am having problems with all of the auto emails that the forms, Undergraduate Application is sending. The “edit link” is send the wrong url. It is sending it with app. in front of the address. For example, it shows


But that does not go to the survey. If I take out the “app.” at the beginning of the link, it works. How can we get that edit link to work in the auto emails?

Paul Baumeister asked

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    That is interesting, I have never seen an edit link with that formatt. What does your edit link merge code look like? I would go back and set it up again and then save your action. Also I would run an export or look at the edit link from your responses to see what they look like. If it still looks like that from an export or the app, I would reach out to SG to have them take a look at that with you. I am sure they can get to the bottom of that.


    Good luck!


    Anita Kaufen answered


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