Edit ID numbering of pages


 Is it possible to reset the ID numbering of pages? If you add pages it automatically receives an ID number at the moment it is created. I was wondering if it is possible to reset the ID numbering.


maartenterhuurne answered

    OK thanks for the answer.


    I have created a custom script in which the page ID is important. As a consequence I have to be really scrutinous in defining the page ID’s. It would be more helpful to just reset the page ID’s.

    maartenterhuurne answered

      Resetting the page ID numbers is not possible.  Someone from SurveyGizmo Support can correct me if I am wrong, but these numbers are probably used in several background database functions, so leaving them open to editing could cause problems with the way your survey operates.

      Question – what are you trying to do that you would need to reset the assignment of page IDs?

      Jim W (Moderator) answered


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