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is it possible to edit the fields in a contact after the email list has been created?  Preferably in bulk or via an Excel like editor.

bobrayes answered

    Thank you – this is very helpful.

    bobrayes answered

      Just realized that the “Add Contact” (singular) button allows you to “Import Contacts” (plural).  Based on your response, I can export and then reimport to make changes.  Does it matter whether I do this before or after using the Email List in a survey?

      Dominic Sharpe commented

        Are you referring to contacts in an email campaign? If so, has the campaign already been sent out?

        The best bulk option is to update your original excel file and upload the file again to the same email campaign with your changes. The contacts will then be updated with any information that is different in the newly updated file (in this case you want to make sure that ‘allow duplicates’ is not selected).

        For example, if your original file had a column for first name and one of your contacts had a blank field for first name, you could add their first name in your excel file and upload the file again. Your contact would then have a first name in the campaign.

        Hope this helps clarify!

        Dominic Sharpe answered


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