Easy way to pull a few random responses?


Our survey is complete and we have promised to hold a raffle from survey respondents who included their email address — 300 responded and about 90% included theirs. Is there an easy way to “pull” a very small, specific number of responses randomly in order to pick the raffle winners? 

It would seem like this is a common method to entice people to complete surveys, so I’m surprised there is no reference to a method(s) for this anywhere. I’ve tried searching on a number of different phrasings to locate any info but no luck, so appreciate any help someone can give.


Jim W (Moderator) answered

    When we have to do this, we export the contact information to an Excel spreadsheet, place a random number function (RAND()) in front of each name, and the sort the contact info by the random number.  Each time you sort the contact info, the random numbers are re-generated and the names appear in a different order.

    It is possible to add a random number to a hidden field within the survey response (https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/hidden-values#setup-a-hidden-value), but we prefer  using Excel because we are able to see what is happening and have confidence that the listing is truly randomized.

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