Dynamically set auto suggest list for textbox

qc 560 Rep.

Is it possible to dynamically set the auto suggest options for a textbox question? The comments on the SurveyGizmo Help article about Autocomplete suggest that it’s possible using Custom Scripting and JavaScript. However, SG’s Custom Scripting documentation does not mention being able to access this property using custom scripting, and they do not provide much if any documentation on accessing properties using JavaScript.

Any pointers on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated!

Jim Wetherill answered

    Hi QC,

    Did you ever figure this out?  I just had a questionnaire dropped on my desk where this ability would be useful.


    Jim Wetherill answered

      Under Validation you have a AUTO SUGGEST that will work dynamically. You can require responses on on the list you have uploaded or allow them to enter something else. You can enter a really long list too.

      Something else you might want to use is the HTML Placeholder under Layout to shadow what they should be entering or how they should enter a field. Makes your survey look very professional.

      Mary Mawhirter answered
        • Thanks, Mary. I’m aware of the Auto Suggest feature under Validation, but what I’m looking to do is populate that Auto Suggest list on the fly so that each respondent would see a different list of options.



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