[Solved] Is there a way dynamically create a multipicklist question using salesforce




We have an object called X in salesforce. 


Every order in Salesforce is linked to this object, with many orders linking to a single object X. 


We send a dynamic survey out for every order, using the Order_ID URL reference, which works very well. 

What we want to do, is have a multipicklist on object X, which would be used to dynamically create a matching multipicklist on survey gizmo, for that order.



Order X 

Favourite animals:









The multipicklist in Survey Gizmo, when using the URL reference, would then display as

  • Dogs

  • Cats

  • Monkeys

  • Chimpanzees


Any ideas, please let me know! I’ve been able to create text questions for this, but not figured this one.

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    I’ve figured this out!


    So, I can pull the multipicklist into a hidden check box question in survey gizmo, making sure the options in Survey Gizmo match the multipicklist options in Salesforce.


    I then create a second question on the next page, and pipe the answers from the first question into this next question.


    Therefore, dynamically creating a multipicklist from Salesforce :D.



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      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      So you want the options in SFDC to populate into the survey? If so, are you wanting them to populate into a question (as answers)?

      I think what Dominic was suggesting was to populate the Salesforce picklist data into a pre-existing SurveyGizmo question.

      It sounds like you are wanting to create a question in SurveyGizmo based on your picklist which is not possible. The integration is meant to pass data between existing fields in SF and existing fields (questions) in SurveyGizmo (and vise-versa).

      Laura Burnett commented
        • Thanks Lola. Yes thats specifically what I’m asking; the ability to use it to create the question. I got around it on a text question, but using a hidden value & then a merge code, but merge codes don’t work on multipicklists. Annoying really, as the API does support this.


         Hello, not really, sorry!


        I know how to map a field in Salesforce. What I’m trying to do is create multipicklist options from a picklist in salesforce.


        I.e. not create the list in survey gizmo first, but have the options populate from SFDC.

        Laura Burnett answered

          A multi-picklist in Salesforce would correspond to a checkbox question in SurveyGizmo (multi-select). Have you tried mapping this multi picklist to a checkbox?

          Take a look at this article:


          Hope this helps!

          Dominic Sharpe answered


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