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I think it’s more clear if i start with an example. Imagine i had a survey with 3 questions:
1) Do you like cake? Yes or no
2) (if yes) What type of cake do you like? Chocolate, vanilla, banana, blueberry
3) (if no) What do you like instead? Tacos, ice cream, waffles 

I had 2 concerns: 
1) If I had a website called www.desserts.com, would I be able to get the answers from each question and modify my url based on the customer’s answers? So if they selected yes and chocolate, then the link would change to www.desserts.com/ys-choco and redirect them to that link after they finish the survey? 
2) If that first question is not possible, would it be possible to dynamically create several responses that would change automatically with the answers? So for example if I had a template to end the survey, it could say:”Thank you for taking our survey. Based on your results, we would recommend you eat _______ (insert cake type if selected yes). Please check out www.desserts.com/______ (insert ys-choco if they selected yes and chocolate on their answers)”  

The redirection part isn’t as necessary as the dynamic changes based on the responses, since I have many questions and options in the survey I need to create, and I do not want to create 400+ Thank You responses for all the different types of permutations. Please let me know if you need more clarification, and if either option is possible.  

Thank you,

Morgan answered


    Morgan answered

      Hey there Jason.  You can redirect people to your site after they answer the survey.  You can do this using URL redirect actions.  You can set up separate URL redirect actions (as many as you need) and set them to logic.  The logic for the first one would be to redirect the respondent to www.desserts.com/ys-choco if they say Yes and Chocolate in those first two questions.  Here’s sg’s tutorial on URL redirect actions: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/redirect-to-a-website.  Hope that helps!

      Chad Wilco answered


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