Using dynamic total for continuous sum



I’m designing a survey which includes 2 questions like

  1. what’s the number of faculty?____
  2. what’s the number of faculty by gender? Male____ Female____

The second question is a continuous sum question and I want to add a validation that the total of Q2 equals to Q1.

I’m using the custom script here to achieve this. The only problem is that the two questions have to be in separate pages for this script to work. Any idea how I can get around that? I want to put the two questions in the same page.

Guy Rombouts332071 answered

    There is not a way to get around the two-page requirement when using a Custom Script (it is a server-side language that requires page submission to process data).

    The only way to workaround this would be to not use a Custom Script, and rather write some Javascript which could in theory work on the same page.

    If you don’t have development resources and want to explore this, it may be worthwhile to reach out to SurveyGizmo Programming Services Team to have them design a custom solution for you:

    Hope this helps clarify!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


      the CSS works fine to make sure that the sum of the input does not exceed the max total, but it does not prevent the sum from being lower than the max total. How can we make sure it reaches “exactly” the predetermined total?



      Guy Rombouts332071 answered


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