Dynamic report filter based on URL variable or alternative


I have a basic or standard account.

I have one survey that is used over several categories, some with many items, each of which is it’s own subcategories. For example, it’s structured like this:


  • Cohorts of students
    • Units (or subjects)

I use the same survey for every student so that I can keep the data together. I capture the course, cohort, and unit details in survey fields using URL variables, and use these for analysis.

Because there can be so many instances of units, I can’t create reports for every one, or for every cohort. What I would like instead is to dynamically filter the data based on a URL or similar.

For example, say you are teaching unit abc001, I’d like to provide a report to you at the with the link ‘http://reportlink…?unit=abc001’ so that you can only see your unit data. Someone teaching xyz002 gets a link to the same report, but with the query string ‘?unit=xyz002’ and only sees her own results.

I’ve tried this with the advanced filter logic, but I can put dynamic data only in the left-side of the condition. E.g. I can set up a report filter that says “URL variable unit is equal to abc001”, but I can’t put a merge code in the right side so that it says something like “Field unit is equal to URL variable unit”. I need to put a dynamic value on the right, but SurveyGizmo seems to interpret merge codes in this field as a string.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, including alternative approaches that don’t require creating many reports, but still don’t show all data to report viewers.


Nick answered

    @GSB : This is a really great idea! I’m sorry to say that you cannot currently achieve this with our report links. I will definitely pass this along to our development team for discussion for future improvements as this seems like something many users would benefit from!

    Bri Hillmer
    Documentation Coordinator
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    Community Admin answered
      Nick 38 Rep.

      Any progress on this?

      Nick answered


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