[Solved] Dynamic numbering with branching logic


Dynamic numbering is not working the way I expect it to. I am not sure if I dont understand it, I need to adjust other settings or its not working right and would like advice.


After my third question I branch to 3 different paths.  Each of these paths have additional 4 or 5 questions for a total of a total  of 8 or 9 questions. However wen any of  these 3 paths recovenverge, the next question number is 4, when it should be 8 or 9.  This doesnt change whether dynamic numbering is turned on or off.

woontner asked

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    Thought I would check in to see if you were able to sort out what was going on with your numbering based on Dominic’s answer or if you still need some help.  Feel free to drop us a line at support@sgizmo.com if you need some help 🙂

    Topper Shull answered


      The numbering seems to be working fine in my case – though it is a pretty basic example where I have 2 branches (each branch showing 1 item and hiding another). When the branches re converge I see question 3 (which is what I should see in my survey)…

      Is there any additional logic associated with your example? Not sure what would be causing what you have described…

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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