[Solved] Duplicates in Google Sheets Integration


Hi there. I followed the directions detailed in this article and everything works great. I’ve used it to build a real-time dashboard that anyone can access (cool). However, sometimes I get the same response submitted multiple times. Why does that happen and how do I prevent it?



Chad Gramling asked

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    I have seen this happen (sometimes) if the Google Action is on the Thank You page (last page of your survey).

    The Google Action has a default setting to run when the page is displayed – if your survey respondent were to refresh this Thank You page, the action would run again and could create a duplicate record. Unfortunately, not much you can do to prevent respondents from refreshing/reloading a page – often this is accidental on their part…

    One option (again assuming that your Google Action is on the final page), would be to move the action earlier in your survey (it would still have to be after any questions that you are passing) and change the run setting to run when page is submitted.

    If none of this applies, you may need to reach out to SurveyGizmo directly to see if the Support Team has any suggestions (support@sgizmo.com).

    Dominic Sharpe answered
      • Thanks. That sounds like it may in fact be my issue and makes total sense. Will give it a look and see if that resolves it. Much appreciated.



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