Duplicate Variables in SPSS Data Export


I went to download my data in SPSS and had 16 duplicate variables.  The next day I downloaded the same data set and had 38 duplicate variables.  Why are there duplicates, and why would there be more the second day than the first?  I have no piping in the survey.

Larry Seibert68759 answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    My first guess would have been piping – are you using the Custom Group Add as Needed feature? The Add as Needed feature works a bit like piping since entries are created dynamically – perhaps that may be the cause of the duplicated variables that you are seeing.

    Lola Gill answered

      There was no piping, and I was not using Custom Group Add.  There were two variable numbers used multiple times.  Number VAR222 was used multiple times on essay questions, but not all essay questions were numbered VAR222.  VAR223 was used multiple times on Labeled Values questions, but not all Labeled Values questions were numbered VAR222.

      Again, there were 16 duplicate variables on Day 1, and 38 duplicate variables on Day2.

      I did not assign any variable names in the construction of the survey.  All variable names were system generated.  I have since had to rename 38 variables in order to download the data in SPSS.  The renaming has taken effect, and I no longer have to rename the variables each time I download my daily output.

      Larry Seibert68759 answered


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