Duplicate protection using cookies doesn’t appear to be working properly.


1. An earlier version of a survey had some problems with duplicates using cookies.  We were seeing duplicates between panels and (I think) within a single panel. Someone else worked on this survey as well as me, so I’m not sure that the duplicate settings started out as they had been in previous waves.  But we eventually settled on no protection globally, and cookie protection for a campaign (link).  That’s what I think was done before.  We put in some javascript to try to capture the cookie, but we weren’t able to get it working.
2.  I duplicated this survey to create the latest version. I also created a test survey just to check out capturing cookies.  And I installed a Firefox add-on to examine cookies.
3. The test survey appears to show that setting the duplicate cookie setting either globally or in a campaign produces the same results.  When the campaign link is used, the campaign ID is included in the cookie name as well as the survey name, but the value is the same.
4. I transferred the javascript from the test survey to the real survey.   What I see with this survey is that the Global duplicate cookie setting has no effect.  The results stored in the cookie variable are “undefined” unless the campaign duplicate cookie is set. So that’s the workaround.  But I think there is still a problem – at least for copied surveys.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?


Mike Pritchard answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    Hi Mike,

    Not sure if I follow exactly, but in general I would typically use one or the other cookie protection (either the overall setting, or link/campaign specific). I would only use the campaign/link specific cookie protection if I want it on for one link and not another. If I want the protection for the whole survey, I would use the overall setting rather than the link specific setting on each link.

    Are you seeing an issue when you have both the overall and the link specific settings enabled?

    Sorry if I’m not understanding correctly!

    Lola Gill answered

      Hi Lola. The point is that on the copied survey global duplicate protection doesn’t work – at least for the cookie. On the newly created test survey global duplicate protection works.

      We generally keep global duplicate protection turned off, at least until the survey is launched. This allows us to use links for testing that don’t have duplicate protection. In the case of the previous survey, there was a problem after launching, and one of the other team members examined the duplicate settings. We were also trying to understand what was happening between panels, which is why we created the JavaScript. The panels come in through a single link so that we can use to protection via cookies.

      Is that clearer now?


      Mike Pritchard answered


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