[Solved] Duplicate Invite Link / SGUID


How did this happened? SGUID should be unique. I’m using the Invite Link in an Email Campaign. I have just noticed it and it’s also happening in other Email Campaigns.

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    Hi there,

    Our Support team has looked into your concerns and we are also posting the answer here in case the support ticket does not make it to your inbox.

    With regard to the sguids, although those sguids appear to be duplicated, the capitalization differences within the IDs actually make them different and unique to each contact.

    Sguids are case-sensitive – within SurveyGizmo an sguid of user112 would be unique from USER112.

    I hope this helps clarify. If you have any further questions, please do let us know!

    Best regards,

    David Domagalski
    Documentation Specialist | Customer Experience
    SurveyGizmo | http://surveygizmo.com

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      Thanks for posting on the SurveyGizmo Community user forum!

      I have not seen this behavior in Email Campaigns that I have run. Are you adding the contacts via the UI or perhaps via the API? Is there anything unique about your setup (customized settings, etc)?

      I might suggest reaching out to SG Support as they can access your survey(s) and troubleshoot directly:


      Hope this helps!

      SQ commented
        • Hi Dominic,

          I’m importing my contacts via UI, after creating the email campaign. The file has 3 columns, First Name, Last Name and Email Address. The Last Name and Email Address are both unique.




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