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On the dropdown menu list question, is there a way to restrict the responses to be limited.  For example, there are 3 answers (Low, Medium and High) that can be divided between 15 options.  We only want 5 Low’s, 5 Medium’s and 5 High’s. 


Is this possible? Or should I use a different question type?



Nanci Miller

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    The best answer I could come up with would be to use Drag and Drop Ranking instead.

    You could put in your 15 items as the question options. If you then use the validation tab and set “If answered, minimum answers required = 15, then they would have to rank all 15 items.

    You could use CSS to do something to highlight the three groups (High Medium Low). Maybe change the colors to Green, Yellow, or Red.

    You might need to give some direction in the question text saying something like “Sort these items into groups of 5 each High (green), Medium (yellow), or Low(red)

    Assuming you gave the question a CSS Class name of mygrouping, the following CSS could be tweaked:

    .mygrouping .sg-rank-target .sg-list li:nth-of-type(1n+1) {
    .mygrouping .sg-rank-target .sg-list li:nth-of-type(1n+6) {
    .mygrouping .sg-rank-target .sg-list li:nth-of-type(1n+11) {

    I might use more subtle background colors.

    Maybe someone else will have a better idea.

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