[Solved] Drop down list order; arrows to move option up or down not functioning


Can you provide any insight as to why the up & down arrows to move an option up or down on a drop down list aren’t functioning? When you click on an arrow to move up or down, it does nothing.

We have a list that we can’t sort alphabetically with the Option Sorting in the Layout tab because it each answer option begins with the day of the week first– which would put all of the days of the week together instead of our need for date order. So, anytime we add additional options we can’t move them up to the appropriate date order spot.

How can we do this?

writermaia answered

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    Have you tried clicking and dragging the answer option into place? Unlike some other areas in the app, simply clicking on the answer option answer won’t allow you to move them. You would want to drag them into place.

    Give that a shot and if you continue to have problems, send us an email to support@sgizmo.com We may need to take a look at your specific survey.



    chris watkins answered

      I was able to move the text for each answer by clicking and dragging it to another location. (Note: The answer “object” didn’t move, but the text did.) …

      By the way, I never did get those arrows (this: ) to function in any way. Since they apparently don’t move the answers, what are they supposed to do?

      writermaia answered


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