[Solved] Drag & Drop Required Question issue




While I am answering a drag & drop rank question which is required and where the answers min and max limit is 5, I am not able to go through the next page even if I am dragging all 5 options to the right. It keeps giving same error “This question is required”. For your information, I tried this testing manually and through the link too.


Please help!





Naman Rajvanshi asked

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    Looks like this post has been dormant for a while, so I’m going to mark it as solved. If you’re still having issues, feel free to contact our support team, or make another post here!




    Caitlin - SurveyGizmo answered

      Hi Naman,

      Are you still having issue with this Drag & Drop question?

      Topper Shull answered

        I have tried a similar set up on a question in one of my test surveys – in my case, this seems to work fine – strange that you are seeing that required message…

        Are there any other settings that you have changed from the default on this question?

        Dominic Sharpe answered


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