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I used to be able to download reports of results as a word document, excel, or PPT file, not just a pdf. I no longer see that option. Is it still possible to download reports as word documents? If so, how? 

Chris Shirley answered

    That functionality seems to have disappeared with the introduction of the new reporting system – pdf export is the only option available at the moment.

    There are workarounds you can use.  Some graphic editors like GIMP and PhotoShop can open and edit pdf files.  And there are online services that will convert pdf files to MS Word.  If you need help with a specific situation, submit your problem to the Community Forum.

    I suggest that you submit a feature request to SurveyGizmo Support and let them know that you miss this feature –

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      I don’t miss it.  I am destroyed by it.  I picked Survey gizmo for a 6 month project, used it in month 1, great result because i was able to edit the word doc version to customize for my needs.  Without this I am left with a sloppy product to give to my client.  VERY DISAPPOINTED.

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