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I want to download my survey data into a CSV file for Excel. When I download it I get the text answers to my survey questions, but I’d like the download to include the “reporting values” so that I can analyze the data in Stata. I read your article about how to display answers as “reporting values” but this seems to only apply to reports, not to exports. After I changed “answer option names” to “reporting values” as this article suggests ( I re-exported my data and the file is blank. Can you help me figure out how to export the data with reporting values in a CSV file (it won’t help me to export into SPSS as I do not have that program)?



Jorge Manuel Amaral Ramos answered

    I had the same problem. This is what I did (in SPSS): created a syntax for each field (where the problem exists) e.g.:

    RECODE variable_name

    I also made a syntax to change the variable names, e.g.:


        (sg_extended_variable_name = variable_name).


    Can you create syntaxes in STATA?

    Jorge Manuel Amaral Ramos answered
      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      The CSV Raw Data Export includes reporting values by default (there is actually not a way to export anything but the reporting values – if you have not customized reporting values, the export will default to exporting the answer options):

      If you have been updating reporting values, it may take a little time for everything to propagate through servers. I would also recommend creating a brand new export if you haven’t tried that already.

      I hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe commented
        • Thank you very much for responding. Maybe I’m not understanding what reporting values are. When I download my data the answers appear as text, as in “yes” or “no.” But I would like the answers to appear as numbers, as in “1” (meaning yes) or “2” (meaning no). I have dinked around with the settings and tried new exports, but everytime I get text answer rather than numeric answers. If “reporting values” mean numeric answers, then my CSV Raw Data Export is definitely not defaulting to reporting values. Any idea what I might do to get the answers in numeric form? Thank you!

        • Provided that you create your own numerical reporting values (, these will export to Excel. If defining these after having collected your survey data, you will likely need to create a new export after having made the updates.



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