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We have recently added MaxDiff questions to out survey, but we are unable to download the raw data. Please could someone inform me how we download the data to SPSS. At the moment we are getting surveygizmo’s generated scores, than are not much use to us and we’re not too sure what they mean. 


I would like the raw data, which can be viewed in a PDF – but cannot be downloaded. 



Micheal Deeming 

michael.deeming asked

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    I’m not sure if the MaxDiff data can be exported in the way that you want.

    I found this article on SurveyGizmo’s documentation:


    I linked specifically to the section that talks about exporting, there is some explanation as to what the data is showing.

    Additionally, exporting to SPSS can be done by navigating to Results > Exports. You should then see an SPSS option:


    Hope this helps

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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