[Solved] “Download All Data” only downloding “Complete” responses


I’m trying to download all responses from a survey using the “Download All Data Now!” button and it keeps only giving me a CSV with “Complete” responses–“Disqualified” and “Partial” are missing. I’ve tried clearing my cache and have downloaded probably 10 times, all without getting a complete CSV. Can you help? 

Anne K asked

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    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for your response. I’m sorry about the confusion. Could you take a look at this page and let me know if it helps?


    Chris - SurveyGizmo answered

      Hey Anne,

      Thanks for posting!

      Could you edit that export and go into the Filter tab and verify if “Partials” have been selected to be included? If so and they are still not coming through, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help you!



      Chris - SurveyGizmo answered
        • Hi Chris,

          Thanks for your post. I was able to download the “partials” but not folks who have been disqualified. I didn’t see where the Filter tab you reference is located; the sudden inclusion of the partials in the export seemed random to me. Any help would be appreciated!



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