Doubts: Transfer account to Surveygizmo in Frankfurt




We have been informed about your new servers located in Frankfurt that improve surveytaking primarily.


To transfer our account to your server in Frankfurt , we should open a new account and we can not transfer survey contents and data to the new account.


My question are:


The Results data we already have of the survey that we are running we will lost as well ?

There is the possibility to have the two account in the same time for one period ?


Best regards


Fon Technology



Renato193574 asked

    Hello, Renato!

    Thank you for reaching out with your EU server question:)

    According to our documentation:

    You are in charge for exporting the data you have already collected and importing it into your EU account once support has moved your survey build. To answer your first question, no data should be lost:)

    As for your second question, you are more than welcome to have both account up at the same time. The only thing I would be conscious about is your billing. You are subject to be billed for both accounts if you do not deactivate your US account.

    Hope this helps!


    Survey Princess

    seanalee flaherty answered


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