How to disqualify a bulk of responses?



I finished checking the collected responses and there’s a list of response IDs that I need to change the status, maybe from Complete to Disqualify or Deleted or Quarantined. I need to do this while the survey is running so that the Quota or Realtime Report is not affected by unwanted responses.

Via the Individual Response view, I can select some IDs but it’s is very limited especially when I have thousands of responses.

Is there any convenient way to change or remove responses? Is it possible using SurveyGizmo REST API? If yes, is there any tutorial or instruction?

IFM Team answered

    Thank Dominique!


    IFM Team answered

      This would be possible with the SurveyGizmo REST API via the Update Response call:

      Via this call, you can pass in a response status parameter and set it to ‘Disqualified’. For example:

      Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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