Disqualification isn’t working


I have a 30-page survey (1 question per page), and at the end of all questions I have a Skip/Disqualify sequence. 

In that sequence, I use “OR” logic to have people who answer any of several questions incorrectly sent to a “You’re Disqualified” page instead of the main thank you page.

However, it seems that even when I test the survey with bad answers, I’m forwarded to the “You’re Qualified” page. (Screenshot at http://postimg.org/image/ekldtx4ql/) Anyone know why?



Andrew asked

    Andrew, it should be fairly easy to set this up.  At the end of the survey set up the Skip/Disqualify logic with the four critical questions so that if not all of them are selected (make sure you set it so the respondent has not selected the correct answer in all four and that you have it set to ALL) then in the If Logic Passes insert your url redirect to the Thank You we will get back to you page. Then on the survey thank you page use the URL redirect to the page where they can schedule an appointment.  Should work just fine.

    Jon Erickson answered

      I’m not sure what you mean. Let me explain what we want:

      Our survey has around 30 questions in total.

      There are 4 very important questions that can let the reader schedule a call immediately, if all 4 of them are answered correctly. If all 4 questions are answered correctly, they should be redirected to a new URL at the end of the survey, where they can see: thanks, you qualified, schedule now. 

      Everyone who does not answer all 4 of these important questions correctly should be redirected to a URL where it says: thanks for taking the survey, we will reach out to you. 

      I don’t how to set it up properly, so that we can use 2 different redirecting URLs depending on how these 4 questions were answered. So far, everyone gets to the page where they can schedule immediately, no matter how they answered the 4 important questions.

      Thanks for explaining.



      Andrew answered

        Yes if you mean IF Q1A1 = checked OR Q2A2 = checked OR Q3A1 = checked THEN should disqualify. So in this case if the respondent clicks on either Q1A1, Q2A2 or Q3A1 then it will disqualify. This will work but if you are trying to do this and you have each question on a separate page, why not test for disqualification on each page as the person proceeds so if you are going to disqualify them you do it when they trigger the disqualification instead of having them respond to 30 questions?

        Jon Erickson answered
          • Because I want to selectively choose people who disqualify based on one answer (and not allow them to schedule with me), but allow myself the opportunity to contact them manually if their other answers are good.


          We have not used test mode at all. Only live mode filling out our own surveys (and seeing disqualified readers getting through to the wrong page).

          I’m a bit confused by what you mean; OR logic should mean even if they answer one question wrong, they’re disqualified, no?

          Andrew answered

            Andrew, are you testing using the preview feature in the build area?  If so you need to make sure you the settings in the upper left “Ignore Page Logic” not clicked.  I run into this problem many times when I am in a hurry and the page logic seems broken. 

            The only other issue is if the OR logic is not including all the options that you are intending to have disqualify the person.

            I just set up a new project today with the disqualify logic incorporated and it worked just fine.

            Jon Erickson answered


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