[Solved] Displaying messages for scoring ranges in summary reports


I have a lot of narrative assocated with the score ranges in my quizes. I can’t get them to display using the email action options for merge codes.  See example…  None of the merge code options display the messages.

azruss386453 asked

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    Hey there,

    I’m sorry you’ve been having trouble with this.  There is a specific merge code to use to get those messages show.  Here it is:

    [question(“quiz tally result”), id=”2″]

    For a Tally Quiz, this will display the quiz message for the range in which the respondent fell. This merge code is for use outside of the quiz score, for example, in send email actions or on later pages in the survey. Replace the number 2 in this example merge code with the question ID of the relevant quiz score action.

    Topper Shull answered

      Where should this merge code be inserted?

      Merom Klein answered


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