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I have a question that gives the respondents over 300 answer options. Respondents need to be able to choose more than one of the answers. I have the question set up as a multi-column checkbox format, but they still have to scroll a great deal.  Is there any other format that would be better to display the options? It’s not displaying nicely in mobile either. 

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    @Susan Zank: We usually discourage the use of very long lists of answer options as it’s next to impossible to display them in a way that is easy to use and allows the respondent to see the complete list of options at once.

    Could you perhaps break up the list using a hierarchy? Our Cascading Dropdown question allows respondents to drill down through hierarchical data by using one dropdown menu as a filter into the next. Here is a tutorial with more info:

    You might also consider breaking up the list in to multiple question if’ that is possible.

    I hope this helps!

    Bri Hillmer
    Documentation Coordinator
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    Community Admin answered


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