How do i display the old responses of returning respondents to my new survey with follow up questions?


I need to design my new survey based on the fact that they may have filled out a previous survey and i need to know how to display the previous survey responses here asking them to edit if anything has changed since the last time they filled it out.


I read this article: 

It helped alot to construct the survey but i need help in the final customization to show the previous survey responses

Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    If you can elaborate on what you are looking to do with regard to the final customization, users in the Community should be able to better advise you.

    Also, you may consider exploring the more general login action article:

    There is a section on pre-population in this article that should be helpful.


    Lola Gill answered
      IS 2.21K Rep.

      What help do you need?

      If you want the respondents to be able to edit their previous answers, you can just not hide the pages that have them.

      IS answered


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