[Solved] How can I display the referrer in a report?


I’m on the Collaborator license.  I know I can just export responses and see the referring url there, but how can I make it display in a table along with corresponding responses in a saved report?  We have a basic “Rate and comment on this page” survey that we share on many of our website pages, and I want to be able to share with coworkers a real time report that they can browse on their own time to look for improving comments.  The responses are only relevant in combination with the referrer though, because, obviously, all pages have different content.

I’d like to use a DIY Response Grid type report element, and be able to choose “Referrer” for a column just like I do with individual questions I want to display.  This seems like the most likely place for this kind of feature, but it isn’t available.  Any other options?

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    It doesn’t look like the referrer information is not available as a field in reports (via DIY grid or otherwise).

    I think the best built-in option for pulling this data through to the report would be to use the referrer merge code: [system(“referrer”)] to capture this data on the survey build via a Hidden Value Action:


    Once captured in a Hidden Value, the referrer information could be displayed in a report via this element: https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/report-url-and-hidden-values

    Not an ideal solution but maybe something you can use going forward…

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      • This looks like a pretty good solution, unfortunately Hidden Values aren’t available on my plan – just Professional and Full Access plans. Thanks for the response though!


      We just upgraded to Pro for some other features, and so I was going to take a crack at this.  It works well!  For now it looks like I can’t have other text in the hidden value along with the merge code, but that’s no big deal.  Thanks!

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