Display the question options are vary depends upon the previous question response.


Depends upon the 1st question answer, i need to show & hide few options (answers) in the 2nd question. Please guide how to achieve this functionality.

Ravikumar Narayanan answered
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    The exact answer may depend on the types of questions involved and the types of logic necessary to determine if a particular options should be hidden or shown.

    For the simplest example, if the second question is a radio button type question, you can click on the edit icon to the right of each of the response options and then go to the Logic tab to define when to hide or show that option. 



    IS answered


      Thanks for the update.

      But i can’t able to see to select previous question (highlighted) in the Logic Tab. PFB for the same.

      IS commented
        • I didn’t remember that this was true, but I did some testing: It seems that you can only do logic for question options based on questions from a previous survey page.



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