[Solved] Display answer list depend on previouly question


Dear Team,

Can I display answer list depend on previously question?

For example, Q1 is a check box with 4 answer list and Q2 is text box list,

If Q1 answer only 2 answer then Q2 also show 2 text box to ask more details.


Thank you so much for your kind support.

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    We just completed building a survey with a similar situation.  We found that you can assign logic conditions to each of the separate text boxes with the text box list. To extend your example – if the respondent choose OPTION A in Q1, then a logic condition in the first text box would ‘unhide’ that text box.

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      • Dear Jim,

        Many thanks for your kind, i have separate text box for each option and add logic for each as your recommendation.

        Best Regards,



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