[Solved] Discuss my issues with live support personnel


Our questions require a more in-depth response than being directed to blogs and/or links.  Does this site offer live support techs to assist more directly?

Robert Ray asked

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    Hi Robert, I have personally been using SurveyGizmo for about a year and a half to two years.

    My experience with the support staff has been hands down the best I have received from any technology company.

    I use the community here quite a bit to answer questions that I feel another user might be able to answer, but when I need support or questions that only an SG Tech would understand, I use the chat feature during their business hours.

    They have helped me on some complex issues I have had in the past and overcome some large challenges. Now, I would also like to put context on the fact that I have background experience with web programming and have taken a good amount of time to understand the SG interface and it’s functionality. So depending on your level of need, I don’t think they will walk you through step by step when getting into complex custom coding(SG term), javascript but I do think they are always open to giving ideas for solutions.

    Their team puts together top notch documentation that can help you through quite a bit along with video tutorials, but sometimes I even find myself needing answers on things that might not be addressed in those articles. So feel free to reach out to the live chat during business hours and they have great people with great attitudes working on there end.

    Jacob H (Moderator) answered


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