Disable logic for viewing survey?


Hi Community.

I’ve put logic into a survey but I want the client to be able to click through and see all questions (as if there was no logic in place).

Is there a way to disable logic temporarily to review the survey and then put it back on?



Paul Costantoura90 answered

    There is no way to easily remove and then re-install logic within a survey.

    We have never had a client ask for a survey with the logic removed – the logic and skip patterns are a very important part of the survey.  If we ever had a request for this, we would copy the survey, remove all of the logic, and then give the client a link to the stripped down copy.

    Jim W (Moderator) edited answer

      Thanks Jim.  Yes, that’s what I’m doing now.  Since you have responded, can I see if you know the answer to another question?

      I want to set up a quota based on post codes.  The quota set up allows me to use the ‘Contains’ option.  Is it possible to put multiple numbers in here?  For example, if I want to have postcodes 2001, 2256 and 2273 can I use a separators in the ‘Contains’ box?  For example Contains: 2001,2256,2273?  I’ve tried various options including quotes and or but none seem to work.




      Jim W (Moderator) commented
        • Sorry for the late response – I see that you have already posted your question as a separate posting. I am glad you did because my group has never used the quota function for any of our work.



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