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Hey Guys,


I was trying to export a file from this survey “ICP – Compradores” and looks like that is not working. But when I’ve tried to export any other file, everything was right.


May you help us with that?




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Eduardo Abbatepaulo asked



    Unfortunately we still facing the same problems. I can say, for shure, that is not poor internet cause we are a big company and this problem started to happen only this month.

    The file is named “ICP Compradores”. Can you help us? 


    Happy New Year


    Eduardo Abbatepaulo

    Eduardo Abbatepaulo answered

      Hi, Eduardo!

      Thank you for letting us know about these export troubles! I am so sorry for any inconvenience this caused you! I did log into your account, create a new export names SURVEYGIZMO, and ran it. The loading time was slightly longer than a smaller export.

      I am curious though, how is the internet connection where you access SurveyGizmo? A poor internet connection could give you issues when trying to download an export.

      Please let me know if you are still experiencing issues so we can make this right:)


      Survey Princess

      seanalee flaherty answered


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