How do we differentiate between questions unanswered and those simply disabled?


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When results are exported how can the recipient of the export tell if a question is simply unanswered  compared to disabled?

Is there some flag or indicator for this or what?




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    While it is tracked by the system whether a question is shown or not (as can be seen by the “shown” property when pulling data using the REST api ) There is no direct way to export this information.

    Depending on your license level, you could use Hidden Values and Custom Scripting to store information about questions you are interested in directly so that it will be included in the export.


    Something like:

    %%property = “Hidden”;

    %%q1 = sgapiGetQuestionRunTimeProperty(2,%%property);
    %%q2 = sgapiGetQuestionRunTimeProperty(3,%%property);
    %%q3 = sgapiGetQuestionRunTimeProperty(4,%%property);


    In the above example, 2, 3, and 4 are the ID numbers of the questions whose hidden/shown status you are interested in and 8, 9, and 10 are the ID number of the Hidden Value fields you created to store the status of those questions.


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