[Solved] Difference with Submitted Time in the Interface and with the API


I have a survey in the “Paris” time zone. There is a response with this submitted date :



Now, when I get the result from the API I have this :


   “datesubmitted”:“2019-03-08 07:31:14”
} As you can see the datesubmitted as a different date. According to the doc, date should be in the Berlin’s timezone which is the same than Paris. It’s the same for all responses for this survey? Why is there a difference?

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    Hi there,

    I have not seen differences in response submission time/date between the application and the API so it’s a bit difficult to say what might be causing what you are seeing. The fact that there is a 1-hour difference makes me wonder if there is a difference in timezone between the app and API…

    I might suggest reaching out to SurveyGizmo’s Support team as they will be able to troubleshoot your specific survey/issue:


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