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Good morning.


I have been tasked to devise a survey that consists of ~20 pages with ~ 7 questions per page.


Each question will be assigned a score of 1, 2, 3, or 4.


The survey needs to be able to determine the total score (add all scores) for each page and also determine an average total (divide the total score by 10) for each page.


Can Survey Gizmo do the above?

Jacob H (Moderator) answered

    Hi PPA,

    Great news, SG can do this!

    With built in features you would be able to add up the score for each page, you will do this by adding a Quiz Score Action. If you want to add the score for all questions you can create a Quiz Score Action at the end of the survey or it sounds like you want a separate number for each group of questions. If you want a separate number for each group, you will have to add a Quiz Score Action after each page of questions. If you set the page to “Automatically Submit and run all action…” it will just process through the page and jump to the next page of questions. 

    For the next part, getting the averages between all pages, I think you will have to use some Custom Scripting to get it to work. This requires light knowledge of php programming with a basic understanding of SG’s Custom Scripting. When creating your custom scripting, you can store each quiz score action number into a variable, using sgapiEvaluateMergeCode, then do your basic math calculations. You can create a hidden value that will store the average score.

    Click here to learn more about quiz action scores.

    Click here to learn more about sgapiEvaluateMergeCode.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!

    Jacob H (Moderator) answered


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