What is the best way to determine how many total users viewed your survey?


I would like to determine how many users have viewed a survey. Is the best way to do this to combine ‘Complete’, ‘Partial’, and ‘Disqualified’ user types? Is the combined number for these user types a true indication of the total number of users that saw the survey? For example, would this include users who may have opened the survey, but closed it before engaging with its content in any way?

I know that SG identifies “Partial” as anyone who did not reach the Thank You page in the survey. I assume this includes all users that have not made it to this point, including users who have not interacted with any survey questions. Can you confirm?


Holly Habstrit answered

    Hi Mary, 

    Thanks for the details. They are very helpful.

    If I have a one page survey, fall-off statistics will not help me track how many users view each page, correct? It seems that fall-off data is unavailable for page 1.

    Any further tips to capture how many users viewed the first page of a survey that I have already launched? A solution for my next survey will be to only put an introduction on page 1 and the survey questions on page 2. For a survey linked to from a web page or email we will use our standard metrics tools to track engagement.


    Thanks again for the feedback. 

    Holly Habstrit answered

      Hi Holly,

      SurveyGizmo does not collect any data on surveys until the Next button on the first page is clicked. Consequently, if you just have people clicking into your survey then exiting without moving past page one, there will be no trace of them, not even in the “Partials” group. It is also important to note that you are not necessarily capturing unique individuals by combining the “Partial”, “Completed” and “Disqualified” responses. For example, someone may click in to your survey, answer a couple of questions, exit, then come back the next day and do the same. You will now have 2 responses for that individual.

      Below are a couple of great alternatives to explore:
      Check out the following article for tracking how many people view each page of your survey: Fall-off Statistics
      Or consider setting up email campaigns such that you can see who has clicked in to your survey: e-mail campaign tracking


      Mary L (Moderator) answered


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