How do I design my survey so a user can easily jump around the questions without using the back button?


Hi my users are complaining that near the end of a long survey it is painful to go back and change an easier to one of the early questions.


Can I make it easy for them to jump to a question or page?

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    It is hard to answer your question about redesign without more details on the information you are trying to obtain and the questions you are using to get that information.  You could use JavaScript programming to enable jumps to specific pages (, but this option is probably not very useful.

    As an alternative, you could also ask SurveyGizmo Support to enable the SECTION NAVIGATOR for your account (  This would allow your respondents to navigate between sections of your survey.

    I have used this action and I have to warn you to be very careful and follow the instructions in the documentation.  When we were testing it, we got careless and inadvertently wiped out half of a survey.

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