Delivery Status Notification – responses sporadically failing to send


I utilize SG to collect and standardize information from a group of field consultants.  Each response is to generate a confirmation back to the respondent and to me with the individual answers.  Occasionally, the following message is sent instead of the message containing the responses:


Hello, this is the mail server on

I am sending you this message to inform you on the delivery status of a

message you previously sent.  Immediately below you will find a list of

the affected recipients;  also attached is a Delivery Status Notification

(DSN) report in standard format, as well as the headers of the original



There does not seem to be any pattern to the issues.  It is not consistent among respondents or browsers.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?  What solutions did you fine?


Thank you!

Dominic Sharpe answered

    I haven’t personally run into this issue. Have you contacted SurveryGizmo’s Support team regarding this? They may have some delivery logs that could shed some light on this:

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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