[Solved] What does deleting a respons in an open questionnaire do to quota settings?


Can I delete respondents in an open project that is running and where a quota max is set and what (how) does it influence this quota setting?

It might be usefull if I would want to clean up the data set based on quality issues in an early stage before max is reached.

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    In my testing deleting a response in an active survey with quotas applied frees up a spot in your quota.

    So let’s say you have a quota of 5 and have collected two responses, your quota would read as being 2/5 full. If you deleted one response, your quota would read as 1/5 full and would allow four additional responses.

    I would maybe suggest testing this out on a random test survey of yours to confirm.

    Hope that helps clarify!

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      Thanks, just what I needed to know.

      I will test it and come back here to let you know my experiences.

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