[Solved] Deleting image from ‘Send confirmation email to: Me’ function





I’ve inserted a Company logo in the confirmation email I receive whenever there has been a reply to a survey.

This I’ve done on the ‘Send confirmation email to: Me’ function in the survey builder under ‘Post survey actions’.

I’ve done it under ‘Message body’ –> HTML version.

However I’ve inserted the logo way to big but for some reason I cannot remove it again. When I try to delete the path to the photo I get an error message.

Can anybody helt? It’s probably really simple I just can’t see it..:)

I’ve attached a photo that shows the logo I want removed.




Best regards

Helle, Denmark

hellesimonsen90 asked

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    Hey Helle- Can you copy and paste the source code from the email here? I should be able to tell you what to delete it will look something like <img src=”imagelink.com”>

    Lizzy Tekkel answered

      Thank you very much Lizzy – problem solved!:)

      hellesimonsen90 answered


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