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We have an old survey we wanted to find, and I found it in the export of all deleted projects, but I can’t find the survey itself. It’s called 2013 AIR Evaluation. Please help. Thanks

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    Hey Jessica –

    There is a ‘Deleted’ folder that should be available for all admin (and maybe other) users on the dashboard. You can learn more about that here…


    If you don’t see the project you’re looking for in this folder but you DO see it in the exported list, than one of two things are going on.

    1. Your user does not have permission to see that project (deleted or not) any longer. In which case, please consult one of the admin users on the account to gain access
    2. The project was created a long time ago (2-3 years ago) in a much older version of SurveyGizmo and cannot be restored due to it’s age.

    I hope that helps a bit!

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