I deleted my internal name now survey is gone!


I deleted my internal name, but I still had a title. I cannot find my quiz anywhere nor can my system administrator–is it gone forever?


Sheila Bloom answered

    I’ve had this happen to me once or twice, and I was able to find my survey by downloading the list of all Surveys and finding it, and I found that the Team was blank, so I was quickly able to fix it.  

    To download your survey list, from the  home page at the bottom of your list of Surveys click on “Download Survey List.”  From here you get an excel sheet of all surveys.  Under Status, you’ll see if this was deleted, if it was, you’ll need to email Survey Gizmo and give them the Survey ID.  

    If the Team is blank, then neither you or the System admin will find the survey until you add it to a team.  So have a Survey Gizmo Administrator go to Account > User Management >Teams > Select the Team who should own this, and go to >  Owned projects.  Type the project name in, and Add Project.

    Those are the only scenarios I’ve encountered with disappearing surveys, so I hope it helps you!

    Sheila Bloom answered

      Deleting an internal title would not result in deleting a survey altogether (it is most likely still there but perhaps under an obscure title).

      If you have the survey link (perhaps you saved it earlier), the link should contain a ~7 digit number in it – you can plug this number into the search bar on your SurveyGizmo home page to search for the survey.

      If you still can’t track it down this way, or if you don’t have the link you may need to reach out to SurveyGizmo Support – they should be able to track it down for you.

      Another option is to check your ‘Deleted’ folder on your SurveyGizmo folder to see if the survey is there (if it was deleted somehow).

      Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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