[Solved] How to delete questions from survey?


I copied an existing survey I made, and wanted to remove some of the questions from the copy now. The problem is that I do not see any way to remove the questions?

I see in this article it looks like there are supposed to be little red x’s to delete/remove items, but my survey questions only offer the ‘edit’ option. 

I do not believe I am an admin of our account, so I’m wondering if this a permissions issue, or if I’m just overlooking something.


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    Hi Nick,

    A visual issue like this typically points to one of several potential causes.

    Like you suggested, it may be that you do not have sufficient permissions with regard to editing this and perhaps other surveys. You would need to confirm this with your account administrator.

    Another potential cause would be browser based – perhaps plug-ins or settings on your specific browser are interfering with proper display of the SurveyGizmo application. One way to confirm this is to access SurveyGizmo from another browser (perhaps one you do not typically use).

    I hope these suggestions help!

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      • Thanks for the response Dominic. It looks like it’s something specific with that survey. I created another new survey and it has all options including delete. I copied the new one and the clone has all options as well. The original that I posted about continues to miss all options but edit. Fluke I guess? Anyways, new survey fixed the issue.



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