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I am programming a multilingual survey (english, japanese and spanish) and I was wondering if you have the default text such as “back, next, thank you page, error messages etc” already translated or if they need to be translated. When I go to the translation panel it shows I need to input the translation but i was wondering if you have any defaults for these translations available. 


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jensbrorsen answered

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    Hey Tami,


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    I had to translate a survey not too long ago and after chatting with a support hero I found that unfortunately, there is no such feature. It seems all text associated with the survey will have to be translated by the user.





    Cliff McGrupp answered



      I’m wondering if anyone who has already translated these standard texts into standard languages would be willing to upload their csv files so that we could all copy and paste from?


      Thank you!

      jensbrorsen answered


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