[Solved] Deactivate Passwords


Is there a way I can set passwords to become inactive after a certain amount of time, or is there a way where  I can mark them as used after an amount of time?


Samantha Blackwood asked

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    Hi Samantha! It sounds like you’re referring to a Login/Password action. Passwords in a Login/Password action are not able to be set on a “time limit”, however your overall survey can be!


    Another option is to configure your Login/Password action to use “single use” passwords, and then set a reminder for yourself to go “use” each password on a certain date/time. This has obvious drawbacks (manual effort), and would only be feasible with a small number of passwords (or a lot of dedication!).

    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered
      • That was very helpful! Thank you!! I was going and “using” the passwords on a certain date, but thought there might be a better way. Thank you again!



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