Can the dates in JSON use a standard format?


In the JSON, there are a few date fields:

"date_started": "2018-09-27 01:16:28 EDT",
"question": "Local Time", "answer": "09-27-2018 03:16 PM",

Is it possible to get all dates to use a standard format?

"date_started": "2018-09-27 <strong>05</strong>:16:28 <strong>UTC</strong>",
"question": "Local Time", "answer": "<strong>2018-09-27</strong> <strong>15</strong>:16<strong>:28</strong>",


Caitlin Murphy362904 answered

    It looks like the Local Time one is a question, maybe a textbox with a merge code in it? If so, you can use the tricks here to reformat the data returned by the merge code:

    Caitlin Murphy362904 edited answer


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