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I have few date fields in the form for which I want to show the date in DD/MM/YYYY formate but I also need to pass this date to zapier which only support MM/DD/YYYY formate .

I am thinking of showing date in DD/MM/YYYY  and in hidden field I will change the date to MM/DD/YYYY. can you please tell me how can we achieve this.
its very urgent.

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    You will have to write a PHP script to obtain the date field, reformat it, and then place the new value in a hidden question.  Unfortunately I don not have an example to share with you.

    It is possible that another user on the Community Forum will have a script that they can share, but if your need is urgent you might want to consider asking SurveyGizmo Support for help.

    I have added “Zapier” to the title of your posting to help attract the attention of a user with the relevant experience.

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